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Why do kids cheat?
Inside look at the cheating scandal "ruining" our country
It is impossible to miss these days. A look over the shoulder or a glance at a phone hidden in ones lap, cheating is everywhere. Whether on tests or on quizzes, kids these days have no remorse.

Despite the efforts of schools, teachers seem miss all of it, either not caring or unable to catch the craftiness. Never has it been easier for kids to get the right answer without using their own knowledge. Smart phones, smart watches, even smart glasses are now available. But nothing beats the tried and true copying your neighbors paper.

One question we may ask is not how kids are cheating more nowadays, but why?

The answer lies in the future. Never has it been so hard for kids to get into college. With acceptance percentages sometimes not even reaching the double digits, good grades are imperative for kids. This puts extreme pressure on kids to get the best grades possible, no matter the cost.

Maybe this is why kids are so willing to sacrifice morals for grades. Impossible pressure put on them is stressing them to get the grades no matter what.

Even though this is the case, cheating is still immoral and screws up how colleges view the knowledge level of students.

Faculty need to make a decision, on whether they will continue to let this happen, or if they will put an end to the injustice.

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